Deminor Recovery Services

Deminor assists investors with recovering investment losses. We offer recovery services on a global scale in cases of corporate misconduct, market abuse, violation of corporate laws and securities laws, bankruptcy or restructuring, investment fraud and similar situations.

As a leader in the European field of investment recovery, Deminor has an unmatched geographical reach, experience, know-how, track record, institutional network and financial capacity. All of which are essential in bringing cross-border recovery actions to a success.

Investment recovery services on a global scale to institutional and private clients

Over 30,000 private and 800 institutional clients have used Deminor’s services in connection with past or pending investment recovery cases. Our clients include pension funds, asset managers, private wealth managers, private investors, banks and insurance companies, family trusts, public entities, sovereign wealth funds and not-for-profit entities.

Please visit the Deminor investment recovery services page for more information.

Recovery services in the context of infringements of antitrust regulations

Further building on its wide experience and expertise in the field of collective actions and recoveries of financial and economic losses, Deminor also offers services in the context of private actions for damages in case of infringement of antitrust regulations, such as illicit cartels. 

Companies can be harmed as a result of infringements of antitrust regulations, such as illicit price-fixing cartels. Those losses generally take the form of higher prices paid for the goods or services sold by members of a cartel. Victims of anti-competitive behaviour have the right to seek compensation for their own losses. Deminor can assist them with (collectively) defending their interests.

Please visit the Deminor antitrust recovery services page for more information.